Strontium Dog

If you were asked to name a comic book company your answer might depend on where you are from. Those from the French speaking world would answer either Herge (Tintin) or Hachette (Asterix and Obelix). Americans and Canadians would answer Marvel or DC Comics. Depending on the age group, Brits would nostalgically refer to Warlord, Commando, the Dandy and the Beano.

Growing up in Ireland in the 80s and 90s I would have read all the above. Ireland not really having a wide-ranging Comic Book Publisher left a vacuum to be filled by stories and images from shores both far away and near.

Being an absolute Sci-Fi geek meant there was one more title to add to that list – 2000AD.

Sound familiar? It’s the comic book that brought you Judge Dredd,Rogue Trooper and ABC Warriors.  It’s the place where Alan Moore, Grant Morrisson, Neil Gaiman and Brian Bolland, to name just a few greats, nurtured their talent.

2000 AD gave you an escape that could not be sought from the Bash Street Kids (The Beano), Captain Haddock (Tintin) or in a small village in Gaul (Asterix).

One of my favorite characters was Johnny Alpha –  leader of the Strontium Dogs – a group of mutant bounty hunters.

Thank you John Wagner for the stories and Carlos Ezquerra for the visuals. This is my feeble attempt at homage.





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