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Decision 2016


It’s On like….

9th July 1981 – Nintendo throw their last dice in the game of cracking the North American Video Game market with a rushed game hastily encased in cast-off Radar Scope units. That game was Donkey Kong. Almost overnight Nintendo had a hit on it’s hands and with nearly $300 million in takings two years later […]

Jazz Jackrabbit

One of my Blog Followers, remanandhra, tasked me with the following challenge: I would love to see a drawing of Jazz Jackrabbit character, from a series of video games that was started in 1994 by Epic Games, creators of Gears of War. To be honest I had not heard of Jazz Jackrabbit before this comment […]

Sneak Peek – Jazz Jackrabbit

Sneak Peek of my Jazz Jackrabbit drawings…. To be continued…

DIY with Sonic and Tails

We recently had a bunch of people over to the flat which was great. However while we were cleaning and preparing for their arrival we remembered that our bathroom door does not lock!! No problem. With a few minutes to spare I enlisted the help of Sonic and Tails to create a reversible door sign. […]

Minion Monday: Scratch and Grounder

This weeks Minions are the dynamic duo that fail – at every attempt – to thwart the fastest hedgehog in the business – Sonic! Scratch – a robotic chicken and Grounder – a tank-threaded driller are the perfect slapstick lackeys for Doctor Robotnik. As a running gag in multiple episodes of Adventures of Sonic the […]

Minion Monday:Met

You would remember these guys if you ever had the privilege to play any of the Mega Man games growing up. Another great franchise for the NES, both Megaman and Megaman 2 were games I never owned but rented every chance I got from the local store. So without further ado, I give you Met! […]

Minion Monday: Goomba!

So this is (hopefully) going to be a new feature of the blog. Every Monday I will post some pictures and a bit of backstory of some of my favourite minions. If there are any you would like to see represented please leave a comment below! These are the legions of footsoldiers or the members […]


A classic arcade game, Shinobi was one of the toughest games I played growing up. Even that first boss (the one who you have to shoot exactly in the head!) was very tough. That was the early 90s, nowadays Shinobi got a full make-over including the main character. Below is a representation of that newer […]